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Shenzhen jiaji acrylic products co.,ltd. is an extrusion company which located in shenzhen pinghu.it covers an area of 10000 square meters,40-60labours . We have 8 production lines with extrusion technology and provide functional machines for tubes and rods post processing (lathe,drilling machine,CNC,milling machine,sandblasting machine,polishing machine,laser machine),to support perfect service for clients.

Our company products:
Acrylic (PMMA) extrusion round tube:
Size :5MM to 300MM clear(transparent)acrylic tube and color tube. Wall thickness can be according to clients’ requirement. We provide enough stock of outer diameters from 5-200mm ,wall thickness 1-3mm regular size tube. We can produce triangular tube , Elliptical tube,square tube,irregular tube,frosted (diffused) tube. its widely used for lighting, algae engineering, decoration, packing, ceiling lighting.
Acrylic(PMMA) extrusion round rod:
Round rod size:1MM-150MM
Air bubble rod:5-100MM
Triangular rod size:3*3MM,5*5MM,4*11MM etc.
Semi-circle rod:25.5MM,32MM,38MM etc
Line rod:5--30MM.
Square rod:3*3,4*4,5*5,6*6,8*8,10*10,15*15,20*20,30*30,40*40MMetc
Irregular rod:10-30MM.
WE provide lots of stock of clear round rod and transparent rod.
Products are widely used for lighting,engineering,make display,decoration etc.
PC round tube and PET TUBE
Our company can produce ultra-thin PC and PET clear tube,OD from 5MM to 30mm.wall thickness tolerance can be +/-0.03mm,length tolerance can be +/-0.05mm. Seamless cutting .
Our company products quality and technical indexes of our productions have exceeded the
top level of domestic enterprises. We will provide more high quality and valuable products
for customers to create win-win cooperation .

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