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Acrylic (PMMA) extrusion round tube:
Size :OD5MM to 300MM clear(transparent)acrylic tube and color tube. Wall thickness can be according to clients’ requirement. We provide enough stock of outer diameters from 5-200mm ,wall thickness 1-3mm regular size tube. We can produce triangular tube ,
Elliptical tube,square tube,irregular tube,frosted(diffused)tube.its widely used for lighting,algae engineering,decoration,packing,ceiling lighting.
Acrylic(PMMA) extrusion round rod:
Round rod size:1MM-150MM
Air bubble rod:5-100MM
Triangular rod size:3*3MM,5*5MM,4*11MM etc.
Semi-circle rod:25.5MM,32MM,38MM etc
Line rod:5--30MM.
Square rod:3*3,4*4,5*5,6*6,8*8,10*10,15*15,20*20,30*30,40*40MMetc
Irregular rod:10-30MM.
WE provide lots of stock of clear round rod and transparent rod.

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